Compilation failed: exit code = 1

I’m trying to start the simulation of my project but every time compilation error shows up. This same happens with example projects.

Please help me find a solution.

Thanks for reaching out! Can you confirm that you have followed all of the Incari Studio Installation Steps as listed here: Installation - Incari Studio?

Oftentimes, the reason for this error is a missing dependency, like the Windows SDK that comes with Visual Studio.

Yes, I installed Incari Hub and Incari Studio acoording to Installation Steps.
I tried to reinstall Incari Hub, Studio, Windows SDK and Visual Studio but it didn’t help.

I believe that the problem might be the Visual Studio version. Could you try installing Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition (Desktop Development C++ setup)?
Please let me know if this helps.

Installtion of Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition helped to solve the problem.
Thank you :slight_smile: